2012 Position Openings @ Treefrog Landscapes, Inc (Northampton)

All initial inquiries should be emailed to Michael@treefroglandscapes.com
Please do not call yet, but see: http://www.treefroglandscapes.com 
 Designer & Design Assistant: Starts immediately.
    1. Positions are part-time until spring construction season begins. At that point position takes on more design and construction activities (see below).
    2. Advanced position for experienced applicant is open as is entry level for applicants new to field including students.
    3. Experience with landscape construction, design or architecture. Landscape arch, architecture and other tracks may apply.
    4. Rendering and presentation skills including hand drawings, CS5, Photoshop and other programs.
    5. Ability to meet deadlines.
    6. Basic knowledge of site analysis and assessment.
    7. Experience with plants and plant systems, biology and horticulture a plus.
    8. Treefrog is a design, build, consult firm. Our core staff members have skills to meet the whole of these activities. Designers are expected to have the ability to work with a team, so to actually build themselves what is being presented (see Installation Crew).

Installation Crew: Starts spring (April)

    1. Full and Part Time positions for various levels of experience including Project Lead/Foreperson, Mid-Level/Journeymen, Entry level/Laborer.
    2. Ability to work in landscape construction field: Includes hard physical labor, commitment to company’s building methods, eye for craftsmanship, motivation to produce quality work, working with a team, enduring the elements, site and personal safety.
    3. Safe, considerate drivers.
    4. Experience with construction machinery: skid steers, mini-excavators, dump trucks, saws, etc a plus.
    5. Experience with stonework, carpentry, or other building trades a plus.
    6. Willingness to do the mundane with the perspective: We do what we have to do so that we might do what we want to do.

 Gardeners/Maintenance Crews: Starts Spring (April)

    1. Full and Part Time positions for various levels of experience.
    2. Master Gardeners, Accredited Organic Landcare Professionals, Certified Horticulturalists or other relevant accreditations will be given preference.
    3. Will be responsible for executing (and in some cases developing) maintenance and establishment plans for a variety of common and complex systems including: Green Roof Systems, Edible Forest Gardens, Ponds and Pools, Meadows, and plantings (trees, shrubs and perennials).

 Special Projects : Start immediately.

* Treefrog is in a position to work in partnership with several clients, community organizations and fellow businesses for mutual benefit.

The following is a list of project opportunities that may be of interest to Treefrog staff, student interns, and enthusiasts. Some of these projects have financing available and are already underway for Treefrog staff to take on. Others are simply waiting for the right person or group of people to be identified. Please contact me to learn more.

a.     Farming the Edible Forest Garden from scratch and from old orchards.

b.     Beekeeping in the modern landscape including Green Roofs.

c.     Agricultural and Ecosystem Resilency: Compost Teas, Myco & PhytoRemediation in the landscape, on the farm and at the dump. *Also a great horticultural and plant pathogen project.

d.     Deep NRG Retrofits/Homestead Development.

e.     Healing Gardens in Prisons and Hospitals.


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