Study Sustainable Food and Farming – ONLINE

The University of Massachusetts Stockbridge School of Agriculture offers academic credentials in Sustainable Food and Farming at three levels:

  1. Our 15 credit online Certificate
  2. An Associate of Sciences degree (2-year)
  3. A Bachelor of Sciences degree (4-year)

While either the on-campus Associate of Sciences and/or Bachelor of Sciences degrees are surely the preferred route for anyone who can move to Amherst, Massachusetts, the Certificate in Sustainable Food and Farming may be more practical if you…

  • …recently graduated from high school are not quite ready to make the leap to college, or;
  • …are working in a food or farming related business and want to earn additional academic credentials, or;
  • …are studying at another academic institution and want to study in this ares, or;
  • …are already involved in a career and want to explore your options in a food or farming related enterprise.

We have had students in all four of these categories take online classes with us.

Of course, if you are not ready to commit to 15 credits, you are still invited to take any of our online courses independent of the certificate.

Anyone with a high school diploma or GED is welcome to take our online courses.  If you want to register for the certificate, please return this form to the program coordinator.

The 15-credit Certificate in Sustainable Food and Farming was developed in response to growing student demand and emerging job opportunities. For a few thoughts on employment opportunities, please see; But are there jobs?  An article in UMass Magazine claims most of the Jobs of the Future” haven’t even been invented yet!

If this area of study is of interest, you are invited to join us this winter for any one of our online courses:

For more information see, Sustainable Food and Farming online.

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Price:  the cost of UMass courses offered through Continuing and Professional Education vary, but our courses for this certificate cost $371/credit.  There is also a $45 (one time) registration fee.  Generally financial aid is not available for online courses unless you are a full time university student.  For details, see both Plant, Soils and Insect Science AND Stockbridge School online course listings.