New Spring Classes in Sustainable Food and Farming

If you are looking for a class this spring, consider one of our new Sustainable Food and Farming classes!

STOCKSCH 190A – Introduction to Sustainable Food and Farming – This seminar is a highly interactive and participatory introduction to the field of Sustainable Food and Farming focused on academic preparation and possible internships and careers. Open to all SFF majors. Others interested in the field may request permission to join the class from John Gerber.  See the syllabus here. (Monday at 4:40pm – 6:00pm – 1 credit).

STOCKSCH 290W – Organic Weed Control (3 credits) – Sustainable food and farming students will learn about organic weed control by exploring various systems and approaches to weed management to reduce losses to crop yield and quality. (Tu/Th 11:15am-12:30pm)

STOCKSCH 387P – Food Justice and Policy* (3 credits) – Examines the role of policy and politics in determining what we eat, who experiences barriers to access safe, healthy foods, and how we create equity and sustainability in our food system. (Monday 9:05-9:55am and Wednesday 9:05 – 12:00noon)

PLSOILIN 370 – Tropical Agriculture  (3 credits.) Tropical regions of the world, their environment and classification; influence of climate, population, and socio-economic conditions on agriculture; major crops and cropping systems of sub-humid tropics; introduction to dry land agriculture; importance of rainfall and irrigation on productivity; green revolution; desertification; present and future research needs of region, and state of agricultural technology.   Taught by Katie Campbell-Nelson. (M/W 9:05-10:55am)


For information on the major, see B.S. degree in Sustainable Food and Farming.