Deepening Roots Farm Internship – Amherst

Deepening Roots Farm Internship 2013

About Us:

Farmers: Andrew Korza and Heather Ernest

We started the Deepening Roots Farm last year on two acres of land in South Amherst.  We grow a variety of leafy greens to create salad and braising mixes for schools and restaurants.  We both graduated from Umass in 2006 and then went on to spend the next 5 years working for non-profits and teaching Deepening Roots workshops in  sustainable agriculture and health wellness across the country.  We are happy to be back in the Pioneer Valley and starting this farm has been an incredible experience.

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We would like to offer the opportunity to experience all phases of operating a farm such as: soil management, planting, weeding, mulching, irrigating, harvesting, washing, packing, setting up accounts, designing planting schedules, record keeping, green house management, problem solving, learning to work with limited budgets and resources and experimentation with best growing practices.  There are so many moving and evolving parts to the agricultural system.  Many of which you don’t think of until you are in the process of running the farm.  We had worked on many farms with the majority of our time focused on field work (planting, weeding and harvesting).  So when it came time to start our own farm there was so much that I needed to learn beyond the field work.  We would like to give participants the opportunity to experience the whole system.  Participants will also be able to learn the Deepening Roots Curriculum on Community Food Systems and Health and Wellness and conduct there own hands on research project if interested.

Credit may be arranged for UMass students


Minimum of 4 hrs / wk

This internship is for everyone – no experience wanting to get a taste of the farm life to extensive experience wanting to focus on farm design and planning and everything in between.

Contact: Andrew

413 537 9915 or