2015 Local Cooperative Internships in Amherst


All Things Local Cooperative Market

104 North Pleasant St., Downtown, Amherst MA

Several unpaid internship opportunities are available for spring semester.  UMass and Five College students may earn one credit (pass/fail) for working 3-4 hours a week or 2 credits for 8 hours.  Among the opportunities are:

  1. Daily Customer Service – (minimum 4 hours per week) greet customers and help them find products, check out, and answer questions about the coop.
  2. Apprentice Assistant Manager – (minimum of 8 hour per week) work with the management team to learn tosupport volunteers, work with vendors, make decisions regarding products.
  3. Social Media Marketing – (minimum 3 hours per week) regular posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram highlighting products and local vendors.
  4. Graphic artist – (minimum 3 hours a week) develop infographic materials needed for marketing purposes; posters, stickers, and other promotional materials for the coop.
  5. Newsletter writers – (minimum 3 hours a week) interview producers and write a short article for the electronic newsletter.
  6. Cooking and Baking – (minimum 4 hours per week) learn to make value added products for sale in the market.
  7. Workshop Support – manage weekly Sustainability Sunday educational workshops (must be available from 1:30pm-4:30pm on Sunday afternoons).

For more contact John Gerber.  Credit must be arranged before January 30 for the spring semester.




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