Register for the Real Food Challenge Practicum


Real Food Practicum

STOCKSCH 198 R – 2 credits

Wednesdays from 12:20pm – 1:10pm

Come be a part of transforming UMass into a more sustainable, healthy, and socially just campus!

This 2-credit course explores issues and dynamics around sustainability and social well-being. The class is action oriented; we will work in concert with the Real Food Challenge (RFC), which aims to support the transformation of UMass’s food system. Through project-based engagement with the RFC, we will learn about—and develop as leaders in relation to—food justice, local food systems, and ethical economies.

UMass Amherst’s food is consistently recognized among the best in the nation, yet the institution currently serves less than 20% Real Food to students, staff, and faculty. The RFC is striving to support more local, ethically produced, ecologically sound food sources and working to more thoroughly connect with campus and community partners.

The project-based nature of the course means that student interests and ideas will significantly shape course content. All majors are welcome!  Student research and actions will not only inform the class and other students, but we will make a tangible impact on the UMass food system through supporting dining product shifts, educational outreach and events, and policy work.

STOCKSH-198 Real Food Practicum
Wednesdays, 12:20-1:10
Instructor: Boone Shear,
Co-facilitators: Carly Brand,
Co-facilitator: Krystal Kilhart,

To register, contact Carly Brand at

For more on the national Real Food Challenge project, see:


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