Entrepreneurs in the Food System

The Stockbridge School of Agriculture has been in the business of helping to prepare people to enter the exciting field of food farming and marketing for over 100 years.  We are good at that!  More recently however, students have come to Stockbridge to learn about related careers, such as:

  • Farm-based and Community-based Education
  • Public Policy, Advocacy and Community Development
  • Herbalism and Holistic Health
  • Permaculture and Community Gardening

We are working to expand our course work and opportunities for gaining experience in all of these areas of study related to sustainable food and farming.  We know that the jobs and careers of the future will be both on farm and off.

For example, right here in the Pioneer Valley of western Massachusetts there have been several new business that have been created focused on new food products.  Here are a few that were awarded low interest loans from Pioneer Valley Grows.

Below you will find stories of more local businesses that have been created by entrepreneurs in the food system. Please check them out!

radioEquitable Opportunity Radio broadcasts conversations with the leaders who are busy creating a more sustainable world.  The links below represent a series of talks focused on individuals who are at work changing the food system.  These guests describe examples of career opportunities in the emerging sustainable food system!

Please click on the link to get access to a podcast and resource materials on each change agent in the food system.

Sharon Thornberry is the Community Food Systems Manager at the Oregon Food Bank. Sharon has been a grassroots organizer, trainer and advocate for community food systems, rural communities, and anti-hunger work in Oregon since 1986.

Udi Lazimy is the Global Plant Sourcing Specialist at Hampton Creek, a quickly-growing food company based in San Francisco, where he works with farmers to drive Hampton Creek’s innovative plant-based food research and product development. Prior to this, Udi served as the National Grassroots Advocacy Director at the Organic Farming Research Foundation.

Brahm Ahmadi is a social entrepreneur working to build healthier and more equitable inner city communities by creating change to the food system. In 2003, he co-founded People’s Grocery, a nonprofit organization that has attracted national attention for its effort to transform inner city food systems through projects in food enterprise, urban agriculture, and nutrition education that include the nation’s first Mobile Market.

Shivani Ganguly is the Proprietor of Bom Dia Market and the Principal at Friday Consulting. Previously, she led human resources, operations, and finance for startups and nonprofits. Shivani holds a BA from Stanford University, and an MBA from Presidio Graduate School.

Stacey Givens is the farmer, chef and owner of The Side Yard Farm & Kitchen in Northeast Portland, Oregon’s Cully Neighborhood. Givens grows diverse organic produce for Portland’s top restaurants and provides food, education and opportunity to her community.

Yaron Milgrom is the owner of Local Mission Group and operates Local Mission Eatery, Local Mission Market, and Local Cellar. In 2010, with Chef Jake Des Voignes, Yaron opened Local Mission Eatery. Dedicated to rigorously local sourcing, from-scratch cooking, and transparency with our customers, the Eatery launched as a sandwich shop with two employees.

Kamaryn Norris is a Project Associate for the National Campaign for Healthy Food Access at the Food Trust, a Philadelphia-based, national non-profit with the mission of ensuring everyone has access to affordable, nutritious foods and information to make healthy decisions.

Jessica Mataka is a California-born, human rights and environmental activist. She’s organized on behalf of mission-based non-profit Global Exchange, designed and implemented a curriculum focusing on anti-human trafficking efforts throughout high schools in the Bay Area and recently returned from Huaycán, Peru, where she taught an original program focusing on the intersection of art and activism.

Megan Burritt is Raley’s Supermarkets Director of Wellness and Sustainability. Passionate about creating sustainable food systems and bringing good, clean food to the everyday American, Meg has lived every link in the food chain, from working on the farm to line cooking to category management.


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