Program Graduates

Here are some of the 25 Sustainable Food and Farming students who  graduated in the spring of 2016.  We will miss them!

Look below for contact information for several hundred of our alumni!  AND… if you are an alum of the program, please join us on Linked-In!

Below are some links to a few of the women and men who have graduated  in the recent past.  If you know of any other former students who have either taken classes with John Gerber or received a degree in Sustainable Food and Farming or a related field at UMass, please let us know in the Comments box below.

UMass Sustainable Food and Farming Alumni (in no particular order)

Robert Skalbite manages Skalbite Family Farms  in Monson, MA, works as the Assistant Farm Superintendent at the UMass Hadley Farm, and teaches a class for the Stockbridge School of Agriculture.

Mariam Taleb was accepted into the Pennsylvania State University graduate program in entomology and received a fellowship to work on an IPM in Nepal, Bangladesh, and Brazil.

Rob Carney is working at New England Wellness Solutions of Hanover/Norwell MA.

Lila Knowlton-Grallert is studying food animal medicine at UPenn School of Veterinary Medicine.

Heather Mojer lives in Somerville, Mass. and is co-owner of two popular restaurants in Cambridge: State Park and Mamaleh’s. Both businesses constantly evolve their practices in favor of sustainability.

Caitlin Keeney is owner and manager of Plough in the Stars Farm in Ipswich, MA.

Andrew Kapinos is now working on Masters’ program in Agroecology at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Hannah Helfner is working at Green String Institute which is part of Green String Farm in Petaluma CA.

Molly Bajgot is a resident organizer at the Moishe Kavod House in Boston and wholesale fish monger for Red’s Best Fish Company.

Lauren Lemire is working for Bon Me, a very sustainable food truck!  We also heard she was WOOFING in Florida.

Rachel Moriarty is working for the Schumacher Center for a New Economics in Great Barrington, MA.

Cate Elliot is a Program Assistant at Sustainable Table in NY City.

Jeff Intinarelli is working in a sustainable restaurant in Philadelphia, PA.

Max Traunstein is working at the Kitchen Garden Farm in Sunderland, MA.

Mike Vilcans is living in Carlisle, MA and self-employed.

Colter Johnson is working as ranch hand and hunting guide at Live Oak Ranch in Uvalde, TX.

Wilmot Lewis is developing a greenhouse vegetable project in Hadley, MA.

Bryana Malloy works at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY.

Aaron Drysdale is working with Just Roots as Farm Manager of the Greenfield Community Farm in Greenfield, MA.

Duncan Fuchise is serving with Americorps St Louis in St Louis, MO working on disaster response and public land management and conservation.

John Slavkovsky is a supervisor at the technical support desk in the UMass Library Learning Commons

Ian Back is a spiritual farmer at the UMass Spiritual Ecology and Regenerative Systems Project in Amherst, MA.

Jen Grue is teaching about medical marijuana throughout Massachusetts.  Heard a rumor she is living back in western Mass!

Lilly Israel is working at the Kitchen Garden in Sunderland, MA.

Kailey Burke is working on a greenhouse and aquculture project in Newburyport, MA.

Scarlett Plante is now working at Picadilly Farm in southern New Hampshire.

Kyle Vahjen is a relocation specialist in Danbury, CT

Ellie Figueroa-Starr is teaching at the Pioneer Valley Performing Arts School in South Hadley, MA.

Tabbitha Greenough is Horticulturist for New England Wild Flower Society.

Breanna Murphy is continuing her education and studying to be an Ayurvedic doctor at the California College of Ayurveda.

Anna Gibson is Sales Manager at Vivint Solar in Chicopee.

Liz Garofalo is a grad student and research assistant in the Specialty Fruit Crop program at UMass.

Kat Selberg is sailing.

Derek Silva is a research technician for an environmental firm in Cambridge, MA.

Ruth Bruno is a professional dancer in MAK Dance Company in Brooklyn, NY.

Elisheva Neffinger is attending graduate school at the University of Bridgeport.

Amanda Blomberg is working on a degree at Roxbury Community College and is the Manager at Weymouth, MA Food Pantry.

Natan Theise is living in Amherst and working at the Henion Bakery.

Val Stone is working at Tangerini’s Spring Street Farm in Mills, MA.

Margot Wise is farm manager at La Finca, Nuestras Raices, Holyoke, MA.

Jacob Harness is now living in Vineyard Haven, MA.

Steven Cognac is at the Midwest Biodiversity Institute working as a Wetland Field Technician on the National Wetland Condition Assessment.

Rebecca Larris is in Chiropratic School on the west coast.

Aimee Wood is teaching 3rd and 4th grade at Aspen Community School in Woody Creek, CO.

Nell Finnigan is owner of Ironwood Farm, a horse-powered farm in Albion, ME.

Morgan Dugan is back on Nantucket.

Liana Sweeney is Office Manager at Threefold Integrative Medicine in El Sobrante, CA.

Maggie Luther is a naturopathic doctor, owner and CEO of Your Wellness Expert.

Paige McFarland is working for the Landscaping Department at UMass.

Hannah Sadosky is working as Inside Sales Craftsman at Monrovia and Floral Designer at LaSalle Florists.

Thayer Dugan is a shopkeeper at ETSY and working for a shop on Nantucket.

Frank Dixon is a Web Developer in Farmington, CT.

Alexandra Whaley is Director of Admissions at Su Escuela Language Academy in North Hingham, MA

Mike Gula is working at the bakery in Whole Foods Market in Hadley.

Becca Drew is working at Apex Orchard in Shelburne, MA.

Ariel Stimson is owner of Autumn Olive Herbs.

Emma Fitch is working at Pioneer Gardens in Deerfield, MA!

Liz LaBrocca is Interactive Producer at Knectar.

Meggie Stoltzman is managing a small farm and homestead  called Hermit Thrush Homestead near Brattleboro, VT.

Ben Hunsdorfer is working in Bhutan helping to coordinate the Organic Agriculture research and development program at the Samdrup Jongkhar Initiative.

Alissa Williams is owner/operator of The Small Farm in Deerfield, MA

Mark Zamutto is Senior Career Advisor at Champlain College at Champlain College in Burlington, VT

Jeremy Fellows is Volunteer Coordinator at the Yoga Forest in San Marcos, Guatemala

Becca Speert started her own health consulting business online called Health Roots.

Julianne Scott is in medical school at the University of New England School of Osteopathic Medicine.

Corey Lynch is manager of Environmental Health, Safety and Sustainability at Mount Holyoke College.

Dee Levanti is working at Ivory Silo Farm.

Kate Gervais is in graduate school at UMass.

Sam Billings is managing Crystal Springs Farm in Plainville, MA.

Hannah Jacobson Hardy is the owner of Sweet Birch Herbals and Fundraising Event Coordinator at NOFA/Mass and still blogs on women farmers and other topics on Farming  for Justice.

Jonny Burgess is a chemist at Alpha Analytics in Westborough, MA.

Max Taylor got is owner/operator in Salem, Connecticut of Provider Farm.

Mel Riddle (formerly Shaw) is director of Fairfield C0mmunity Center, in Fairfield CT.

Emily Vail is working at Tart Baking Co. in Northampton, MA.

Benneth Phelps is Loan Outreach Coordinator at The Carrot Project, helping new farmers get started in New England.

Sarah Berquist has joined the faculty of the Stockbridge School of Agriculture.

Emily French started her own herb business, Sweetgrass Herbals.

Adam Dole works at White Oaks Farm in Belchertown, MA raising local grain.

Elizabeth van der Els is working at the YMCA Camp in Woodstock, CT.

Tom Geras is working for the Eritrian Minstry of Agriculture co-managing the country’s first efforts to produce culinary and medicinal mushrooms

Michael Keeney is the owner of Treefrogs Landscaping doing ecological design in the Pioneer Valley.

Will Savitri is  co-owner of Artisans Beverage Cooperative making Katylyst Kombucha and living in Greenfield, MA.

Andy Berg is Applications Analyst at the University of Massachusetts.

Ben Sprague is Field Energy Consultant with Solar City and looking to start his own farm soon.

Tony Hall is Permaculture Vocational Teacher at Cutchins Program for Children and Families and is still making music.

Ben Shields started his own farm, In Good Heart Farm, in Clayton, NC.

Carmella Guiol is in graduate school at the University of South Florida in Tampa.

Andrew Rebello is working for a concrete company and helping to a new ecovillage get started in farming.

Kristen Avonti teaches herbalism workshops in the Pioneer Valley for Tree of Dreams as well as UMass.

Clarence Dow is still playing cello and the owner of a new business, Brave Noble Heart Productions. He is coaching in Santa Monica, CA.

Laura Dinwiddie is farming at Earthwater Farmstead in Cherokee, NC.

Coree Macomber is teaching school in Los Angeles, CA.

Emma Tobin is studying at the California School of Herbal Studies in Forestville, CA.

Danielle Connor is Communications Manager for Interactions Institute for Social Change in Boston.

Liam Sullivan is the farm manager at Northfield Mt. Hermon School.

Gwendolyn Bird is teaching school in Adams, MA.

Helena Farrell works at Regenerative Design in Greenfield, MA teaches Urban Agriculture at UMass.

Ian Rothman a owner of Olmstead restaurant and farming in New York City.

James Highsmith is general manager of Brooklyn Boulders

Allyson Angellini is owner of a farm in Connecticut and blogging on her experience.

Jennifer Kehoe works at Rural Cap in Anchorage, Alaska.

Jeremy Topitzer runs a carpentry business and is homesteading in Colrain, MA.

Maria Topitzer manages Lyonsville Valley Farm in Colrain, MA.  And check out this great story!

Jessica Smith is a chef at Macro Mamas in Ithaca, NY.

Justin Cifello is the Field Manager at Bay End Farm in Buzzards Bay, MA.

Tom Trepanier is  Farm Manager at Nuestras Raices in Holyoke, MA

Brian Eaton is working at the Kitchen Garden in Sunderland, MA

Moshe Arazi is living and working in Jerusalem, Israel.

Nathan Aldrich is working at Small Ones Farm in South Amherst.

Patrick Seaman is living in Katmandu, Nepal.

Rose Parkington is pursuing a singing career with the Parkington Sisters and lives in Wellfleet, MA.

Ryan Karb is a self-employed farmer and founder of Many Hands Farm Corps in Amherst, MA.

Seth Mansur is teaching the 6th grade and has started his own internet business in Grafton, MA.

Cynthia Espinosa is Coordinator of the Keene Community Garden Project.

Devon Landis is working as a clam digger and repairing small boats in Gloucester, MA

Julie Viera is working as an administrative assistant in NY City.

Dan Finkelstein is working as Farm Manager at Helsing Junction Farm in Rochester, WA.

Keith Boyle is a Horticulture Teacher at Upper Cape Cod Regional Technical School and President  of K.D.B. Cranberries.

Jason Silverman is working with the UMass Student Farm.

Al Kermond is Harvest & Wholesale Manager at Atlas Farm in Deerfield, MA.

Adie Newbold is working in Charlotte Amalie, U.S. Virgin Islands.

Tany Blaski (formerly Horgan) is Development Coordinator for the ASEP Afterschool Enrichment Program in San Francisco, CA.

Andrea Colbert is working at Flour Bakery+Cafe in Boston, MA.

Rose Boyko works at Center for Education Policy Advocacy (CEPA) and is farming at The Kitchen Garden in Sunderland, MA.

Lauren Crigler works at the High Horse, in Amherst, MA.

Jordan Teboldi is a Riding Instructor/Trainer at Trum-Searah Farm.

Nora Seymour teaches at Verde Valley School in Sedora, AZ and continue her foraging blog.

Liz Altieri is teaching Yoga in Boston as well as working at a farm-based preschool.

Steve Zych is working on a ranch in Colorado.

Ashley Barrett  teaches Zumba at Life Works Studio in Great Barrington, MA.

Megan Whiteford is Harvest Leader at Moloa’a Organica’a Farm in Kapaa, Hawaii.

Max Carbone is working as Head Animal Inspector for the town of Mendon, MA

Brooke Dillon is living in Greenfield, MA.

Astrid O’Conner  is working at Alprilla Farm in Essex, MA.

Eric Wheeler is living in Melbourne, Australia and plans to travel through Asia before returning to Massachusetts.

Katie Houghton is working at Morning Glory Farm.

Dr. Maggie Luther is a Naturopathic Doctor and Transformational Health Coach helping women and families heal their body’s.

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