Tentative Schedule for Online Classes

For the list of online classes offered currently, see:




34 thoughts on “Tentative Schedule for Online Classes”

  1. hello, these courses look quite interesting to me. Please correct me if i’m wrong. In terms of the certificate program, all these courses are covered under the program? or do students have to select from the list of course provided for each season. Also what Bsc. programme are available for online studies? Natoya

  2. TO: Natoya John
    You can take any of these courses to make 15 credits, but you need to have at least one of them from our “foundation course list” which is published here: https://stockbridge.cns.umass.edu/apply-sustainable-food-and-farming-certificate-program

    Exceptions are made to this rule for a good reason however. We are not offering a B.S. program online but plan to expand the Certificate to an Associate of Sciences degree within the next year.

    Hope this helps.

    John Gerber

  3. Hi John,
    Is the online certificate course only available to U.S residents?
    I’m not a citizen and live abroad, however after much research the online
    agriculture course has really impressed me in comparison to others delivered abroad.
    And aside from the $371 fee per credit are there any hidden fees?
    Thank you.

    1. Lila…. anyone can take these classes. You are surely welcomed to join us. There is an additional $45 registration fee each semester plus any required text books (although most classes have their readings available online).


  4. Hello! If I start taking courses towards the certificate now can they be applied towards the Associate’s degree once it becomes available next year? Is it possible to switch mid-stream from the certificate to the Associate’s. Thank you. Amanda

  5. Hello, I think the program looks awesome, and I would like to know if we need to make a letter about our motivation to take the course for the registration? Also, how many classes do you think it is possible to take in one semester?
    Thank you in advance, Gloria

    1. Gloria…. the application is simply asking you to tell us a bit about yourself. We use this information to select new courses to be offered in the future. The application is simple. See: https://stockbridge.cns.umass.edu/apply-sustainable-food-and-farming-certificate-program

      No obligation. It just puts you on a mailing list for announcements of future classes.

      Regarding the number of classes. Only one is allowed during the short winter term. You can take up to 4 during the spring semester but most people take only one – two tops! We all have very busy lives.

      Let me know if you have other questions. You can reach me at jgerber@umass.edu

      All the best.


  6. Is there a recommended order to the classes? ie do you need to do some before the others? I will only be able to do 1-2 classes per semester so I’m trying to figure out an order to do them in. Thanks!

  7. I have taken some ag courses through my enrollment in animal science. Can things like organic chemistry be used toward the certification?

  8. Are there any prerequisites to enter the certification program? How long does it usually takes for students to complete the program? I have a Bachelor Degree for another institute, can I use some of those courses (general electives) towards the associate degree?

  9. Hi John,

    Is it possible to do one or two courses, stand alone, or do students have to enroll in the certificate and fully complete it? If a student did enroll in the certificate and did not finish, are they due to pay for the full certificate cost of fees for 15 credits?,….just great courses I would like to do a couple and potentially do the certificate over time.



  10. Hi, I’m currently studying Environmental Science at a SUNY school, I was wondering if any of these credits could be applied towards the ‘120 total college credits’ required for a bachelors degree

  11. Hi Dr. Gerber,
    My question pertains to retention and comprehension of such a hands-on science. Do you think that students can get a rich understanding of Sustainable food and Farming, through classes online? Is there lectures or videos for more auditory learners? Is there opportunity to intern? Do the classes focus on theory or is the information presented in a way to make it applicable and useful in practice? I am so interested in this program but want to make sure I can be a successful online-learner.
    Thank you,
    Anthony M

    1. Anthony… there is nothing like practice! The classes help you make sense of what you learn with your hands. It is not a substitute for practical learning. We currently have over 1000 students taking classes with us online, so it must have some value!


  12. Hi Anthony,

    Knowledge is power, …and I have to say, I feel exceptionally equipped to sustainably farm after taking two courses of the certificate. The course material is excellent, the instruction on the course material is always forthcoming and comprehensible, and class interaction from discussion leads to understandings of the course material that builds much confidence in going it alone, but which reminds course participants that being connected to the wider community of like minded people/organizations, is the ultimate way (s) to move forward in such a career choice,


    Paul Keane – Student, Certificate in Sustainable Food and Farming.

  13. Hello,
    I am really interested in your sustainability program. I have financial aid in place already. How many classes per semester do you consider as a full time student.

    Registration for fall classes in arizona starts now..can I take fall 2018 classes still with your institution.
    Thank you

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