Raw milk “bust” in Los Angeles

The FBI, FDA and Los Angeles Police knocked on the door  (with guns drawn –  really!),  searched the premises and seized 17 large coolers of milk and other dairy products.  Raw milk!  On the same day, a farmer who provides raw goat milk to Rawesome members was also raided by about 20 government agents.  No kidding…. raw milk!  Check out the story here.


Personal health is key to buying “just” food

A recent national survey found that many consumers buy local, sustainably grown food (what I’m calling “just” food) because of their commitment to personal health.  The same survey suggests that efforts to help consumers“connect the dots” between “just food” and human health would result in an increase of sales and consumption of local food.  For a look at the results of the survey from this professional marketing firm, check this link.