Lets raise hens (in our backyards)

I just created a short (6 minute) video on raising hens in our backyards.  This is becoming a trend nationally but there are a few barriers, one of them being local zoning laws.  A few of us are trying to get this changed (click here) for the town of Amherst, MA.   To see the video on getting started raising hens and eggs, click on the picture below!

Click here.


New “just food” service in Boston

Busy people in Boston and nearby communities have access to a new service that will pick up and deliver local food from the farmers markets right to their door.  One of the criticisms of Community Supported Agriculture has been the time it takes to stop by the farm.  While many people, especially those with children, value this experience – others find it inconvenient.  There is no longer an excuse not to buy, “just food now.” This service also provides incentives for changing other aspects of your life (like quitting throw-away plastic water bottles for a more sustainable alternative).   Check out the Gogreenologist.

Personal health is key to buying “just” food

A recent national survey found that many consumers buy local, sustainably grown food (what I’m calling “just” food) because of their commitment to personal health.  The same survey suggests that efforts to help consumers“connect the dots” between “just food” and human health would result in an increase of sales and consumption of local food.  For a look at the results of the survey from this professional marketing firm, check this link.