Student Voices

Students in the Sustainable Food and Farming Bachelor of Sciences degree program were asked to share a few thoughts about why they chose their major.

Senior SFF student Sofia Cincotta writes….

sofiaI majored in Sustainable Food and Farming because I wanted to learn practical skills like growing vegetables and keeping bees. Growing up in a city, I had no experience in food production, so taking up this major seemed like a leap…. and it was, but it is a leap I would take a thousand times over. 

As I approach graduation, I am in awe as I reflect on the experience that has been given to me at UMass.  Interests have blossomed for me in areas that I hadn’t known existed. I have become part of a close knit community of passionate people, all of whom have revolutionary ideas and minds. My instructors are genuine, knowledgeable, and have contagious excitement for their subjects of expertise. This program has allowed me to learn practical skills as I originally intended, while providing me opportunities for both career and self exploration.

No matter how much experience you have in the field, or your area of interest- whether it be in food access & sovereignty, garden education, vegetable production, or policy work- this program will leave you with a deep understanding of agricultural systems. 

According to Liz St. Pierre….

LIZThe reason I major in Sustainable Food and Farming stems from my personal value of living a healthy lifestyle and my passion for bringing all people that choice. I believe the food we put in our bodies is the backbone of health because food is medicine. 

Affordable access to healthy food should be a human right.  However with the way our agricultural system is set up, unhealthy food costs a fraction of the price of fresh food.  As an SFF major, we aim to address these problems in the most sustainable ways possible, taking into consideration the environment, social equity and the economy.

According to….


Lots more here:

Why Study Sustainable Food and Farming at UMass?


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