Independent Studies

Sustainable Food and Farming Blogs

Maple Sugaring – John H. Russell

A Mom’s Garden – Veronica Mack

Learning in Italy at Gustolab – Aurora Austin

Agraria Homestead – Jackie Gray

Mill City Grows in Lowell – Nikki Tolani

Floating Farmers; Exploring the World – Megan Migliozzi

Foraging the Pioneer Valley – Monica Guzik

Vines, Orchards and Wine are Home – Brandon Curtin

Native Plant Species of the Pioneer Valley – Nikki Pinard

Farm Internship in New Zealand – Cali Ellis

Julia’s Farming Adventure in Hawaii – Julia Anderson

Honey Bee – Ori Ben Shir

Welcome to WWOOF – Sofia Bacon

Split Carrots – Bella Chiaravalotti

Local Food at UMass – Xochiquetzal Salazar

Nola Urban Ag – Zachary Ziegler

The Traveling Farmer – Mithra Kulatunga

Original Art Work at Many Hands Farm – Maddy Conover

Summer Garden Projects – Ezra Marcus

Farm Life Schmib – Joey Ferriter

Adventures of a Meat Girl – Hannah Miller

Looking for Home (in Nepal) – Elin Dahal

Moosehill Farm Life – Monica Aguilar

Farmer Murph – Molly Murphy

A Summer at Just Roots – Hannah Smalls

Life in the Hollow – Christopher Lundren

Garden Project – Sarah Visncik

Flora Fauna Farm – Jen Krassler

UMass Pest Scouting – Alicia Zolondick

The Modern Farmer – Dan Clasby

Just Roots Intern – Ali Ryan

The Weekly Potluck – Hannah Hausman

Seaview Farm – Emily Fugate

Posts from our Junior Writing Class

WWOOFING with Zach – Zach Ziegler

Sustainable Life Choices – Bryana Malloy

Mother Hen’s Homestead – Megan Brockelbank

Emily the Intern – Emily Goonan

Emily the Farmer – Emily Goonan

Healthy as a Hawaiian – Alex Lyon

Food and Farming in Belarus – Alexa Smychkovich

Are you gonna bark all day little doggie? Or are you gonna WWOOF? – Hannah Perkins

NRCS Internship – William Breed

The Wandering Poet – Hannah Hausman

Alumni Blogs

Your Wellness Expert – Maggie Luther

Change for the Future – Bryana Malloy

Small Farm Husbandry at UMass – Nikki Burton and students

Mushroom Cultivation and Education – Willie Crosby

Food for All Garden – Sarah Berquist and Cate Elliot

Ag Leadership & Community Ed – Sarah Berquist and students

Home Harvest – Ben Barkan

The Restless Writer – Carmella Guiol

Hermit Thrush Homestead – Meggie Stoltzman

Two Blue Boots –  Allyson Angelini

Amherst School Gardens – Sarah Berquist

Holly Hill Farm – Dee Levanti

 Farming for Justice – Hannah Jacobson Hardy

Herbal Medicine – Jen Grue

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