Molly Feinstein is the owner of Go-berry, a frozen yogurt shop in Noho and Downtown Amherst. A fairly new business, Go-Berry opened up in Noho in May of 2010, a mere 3 months after Molly and Alex (her husband) decided to quit their jobs in Boston and start up a business in the Pioneer Valley. Go-berry makes all their own frozen yogurt, using just milk, yogurt, sugar and fruit puree; unlike other frozen yogurt shops, who water down their yogurt to bulk up the product.

Coming from a background in healthcare, Molly never really had any experience in farming or restaurants. The idea spurred one day when she was in line at Starbucks thinking “I wonder what the heck is in this food and where it’s from?” Since then, local food has been a part of her business plan. She uses local sources such as Sidehill for yogurt, Mapleline Farm for milk, and various other farms  for the fruit puree.

Go-berry and its owners are new to the Valley, but their enthusiasm and curiosity have gained them many friends. The quick success and growth of their business is a great example of the local food community in this Valley. By finding their niche market and sticking to their values, Molly Feinstein has proven that local food doesn’t mean just perusing Farmer’s Markets and buying CSA shares; you can enjoy your guilty pleasures, without the guilt.

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