Chris Marano and Clearpath Herbals

I find it easy to forget how unsustainable modern medicine can sometimes be. I certainly don’t discredit it for the amazing, lifesaving advances that have enabled it to save so many lives, but there is another side of modern medicine. A side that, I think, in some ways, tricks a healthy person into thinking they are unhealthy. A healthcare system based on profit cannot but fall into the trap of advertising, and the consumerism lifestyle that comes with it. And predictably, our societies consumerist habits have followed into the medical world. However, I have had the pleasure of meeting Chris Marano, a clinical herbalist based in the Pioneer Valley, who inspires me to hope that one day our healthcare system might be able to become more balanced.

Chris has been practicing traditional medicine in his own life for 30 years and bringing it to others for 18.  He recognizes that certain aspects of modern medicine are unsustainable, such as the fact that many pills must be synthesized in a lab. If, for whatever reason, labs that produce pills were to lose power or resources, they would be unable to operate. That’s a scary reality, but the fact that we have people like Chris who uphold the tradition of looking to the earth for healing is a saving grace. Chris has much to teach and I recommend that everyone consult with an herbalist at some point in their life. Natural medicine creates a more sustainable circle and I hope that more people will begin to incorporate it into their lifestyles.

Check out Chris’s website at

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