Jobs, Jobs, Jobs in Sustainable Food and Farming

This is the time of year students planning on graduating from our Sustainable Food and Farming major in May are busy looking for employment opportunities.  I’ve posted some general advice on finding good work, including some links to useful jobs sites.

I also post jobs and internships on occasion to my Just Food Now blog page if they are in Western Massachusetts.

To see what some of our recent graduates are up to , check out the “graduates” link above.

Students in the major generally focus on growing good food, farm education, advocacy and public policy. They study topics from permaculture and organic farming to medicinal herbs and community food systems.

Our Sustainable Food and Farming major helps to prepare students for careers with small, organic and community farms, non-profit advocacy and policy agencies, government organizations, and food and farm related educational institutions.  SF&F offers students flexibility in choice of courses and therefore requires a close working relationship with an academic advisor.

For a few thoughts on employment in this area, please see; Yes, but are there jobs?


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