Raising Hens in the Backyard – A Workshop

Please join us for our annual

Backyard Hens Workshop

Saturday, March 31, 2012

10:00am to noon

David Tepfer and Katie McDermott will share their experience raising hens.  Learn about getting started, housing, feed and health care, chicken biology and anatomy, harvesting eggs, protection from predators, and more.


This workshop is designed for beginners!   Please join us if you are interested in raising a few hens (for the eggs!).

Workshop Fee =  $10/family (bring the kids)

The workshop will run from 10:00am to noon at Simple Gifts Farm & NACF

 in North Amherst

1089 North Pleasant St. (map)

For information contact John M. Gerber at (413)549-6949 or jgerber@psis.umass.edu

Co-Sponsored by:

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