Farm-Based Education Updates

Farm-Based Education Association Events and Updates


  • 6th National Farm to Cafeteria Conference: Digging In! Early Bird Registration Opens May 7th!.  Book your Lodging
  • Social Media Webinar for Farmers and Farm-Based Educators, May 2, 1-2 EDT More
  • MA Network Gathering of Farm-Based Educators, April 26, Land’s Sake, Weston More
  • Pale Blue Dot Symposium: Food For Thought (FBEA Program Coordinator Erica Curry will give a keynote address), May 26, Grafton, VT More
  • Food Day 2012, October 24, A great hook for an event on your farm! More
  • MD Network *Inaugural* Gathering of Farm-Based Educators, November 17 More

Things to Read, Know, and Respond to

  • The USDA Farm to School Grant Program, May 18th Letter of Intent Deadline More
  • A Different Bird – a blog about the different shapes and varieties of farm-based educators from Michael Kaufmann at Green Chimneys in NY. Blog
  • Farm to Preschool Website Launched! More
  • Truly Food For Thought, NY Times Education Life article about the academic field of food studies More
  • Holly Hill Farm is exploring the design and building of a mobil teaching kitchen   More
  • Food Forward, a new PBS show about the explosion of urban agriculture Check Listings and Watch preview
  • US Needs more Farmers, Ranchers Associated Press Story
  • New Book, American Grown: How the White House Kitchen Garden Inspires Families, Schools, and Communities, by Michelle Obama More  


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