Amanda Brown talks about the UMass Student Farm

2012 Marks the 6th season of the UMass Student Farming Enterprise program. SFE began in the fall of 2007 with two students growing kale and broccoli through an independent study.  In spring 2008, it was established as a year-long project – spring and fall semester classes, with a summer farming component. It has been developed and taught by vegetable specialists Ruth Hazzard and Amanda Brown and the farm manager of the UMass Crop and Research and Education Center, Kyle Bostrom.

Here is Amanda speaking at the IGNITE Conference held in association the Earth Day 2012 celebration at UMass.

Graduates of the Student Farming Enterprise have started farming on their own, moved on to managerial positions at farms throughout the region and some have established employment with organizations such as The Farm School Project and The National Organic Farmers Association.

Adapted from the SFE web page  – UMass Student Farming Enterprise.

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