Sustainable and Urban Agriculture Summer Classes Online at UMass

Two of the courses offered this summer as part of the UMass Sustainable Food and Farming program are:

PLSOILIN 265Sustainable Agriculture

In this course we will study the ethical, practical and scientific aspects of agricultural sustainability including economic, social and environmental impacts of food and farming. We will use systems thinking tools to compare industrial and ecological agriculture, and ultimately each student will develop a holistic management plan for a sustainable farming system. Click here for more.

STOCKSCH 290UUrban Ag: Innovative Farming Systems for the 21st Century

This course explores the subject of Urban Agriculture through the investigation and evaluation of current urban farming systems. Using case studies, students will practice critical research skills including information gathering, analysis, and assessment to learn about contemporary urban farming practices. Click here for more.

These two courses are offered by the University of Massachusetts Sustainable Food and Farming undergraduate major, a Bachelor of Sciences degree in the College of Natural Sciences and part of the recently expanded Stockbridge School of Agriculture.

In addition to the Bachelor of Sciences degree in Sustainable Food and Farming, students not quite ready to commit to 4 years of college may be interested in the Sustainable Food and Farming 15-credit certificate program.  The certificate may be earned on campus or completely online.  More online classes will be offered this summer, winter and spring.