North Amherst Community Farm offers self-guided cellphone tour

Visitors to the Simple Gifts Farm in North Amherst, MA can now use their cellphones to take self-guided tours that explain what’s happening at 15 stops around the 32-acre farm.  Stops include information on the organic vegetable, livestock including chickens, cattle, pigs, and sheep, as well as farm history and ecology.

Instructions are available at the Simple Gifts Farm parking lot at 1089 North Pleasant St., across from Puffton Village and just south of the traffic light in North Amherst.

Visitors can point their smartphones at a QR code or dial a phone number that will activate the tour.

You may begin the tour at any of the stops, which are indicated by signs on green posts. However the best place to begin is at the head of the Simple Gifts parking lot on North Pleasant where you will find instructions and maps. You can access the tour from your phone by calling    1-413-242-9070  or on the web, and simply follow the directions.

Please bring a friend, kids or a dog (on a leash) and leisurely walk the farm to see the Children’s Garden, the greenhouses, vegetable fields, an explanation of the wildlife and geology, and of course the chickens, cows, sheep and pigs. Feel free to take pictures and please share these with us on our Facebook page.


This project is sponsored by the North Amherst Community Farm, a non-profit dedicated to promoting sustainable agriculture and to creating more equitable access to local, organic food. NACF and SGF also work together to educate the community about farming and food and to help preserve the agriculture heritage of North Amherst.

The laying hens will come to greet you when you stop by with the kids!

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