Pioneer Valley Food System Resources

We live in a region in which awareness of the value of local food and building a vibrant local food system is strong.  I’ve collected some of the reports that have done analysis of the current situation and made proposals for continuing growth below.  I hope you find these useful.  IF YOU KNOW OF OTHER REPORTS, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!


nohoA newsletter on efforts in Northampton to encourage production, purchasing and consumption of local food.

 A report on food security in Franklyn County, MAfrank

Pioneer Valley Planning Commission Food  pvpc
Security Plan – Nobody goes hungry!

A Pioneer Valley Report on the potential for a  localjobsstrong local food economy to create jobs.

A report on how a 25% shift in food buying in the 25%Pioneer Valley can have a huge impact on the local economy.

CISA has a new publication on how to get involved in the  local food movement. 


A vision for a robust New England Food System. newenglN


Here is a regional research project which focused on Iowa but demonstrates the impact of building a healthy local food system.

Check out this national publication which studied the impact of local food investments.

A research journal article on the value of local food.

An Orion Magazine article on rebuilding a local foods infrastructure.

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