Massachusetts Envirothon Resources

Having had the pleasure of speaking with some of the participants in this year’s Massachusetts Envirothon on the issue of Sustainable Local Agriculture in Massachusetts, I thought this list of blog posts might be useful to the participants.

LOCAL AND SUSTAINABLE FOOD AND FARMING BLOGS by Dr. John Gerber, UMass Professor of Sustainable Food and Farming

Is Sustainable Agriculture Sustainable?

Symbols and Perspectives Matter

Lets Get Practical

Why do I Care?

Is Walmart’s Version of Sustainable Agriculture Really Sustainable?

Social Equity Must Remain One of the Three Pillars of Sustainable Agriculture

Reflections on Sustainable Agriculture

Education for a Sustainable Agriculture

Sustainable Agriculture Education – A Story?

Reflections on the Early Days

Is the Modern Food System in Collapse?

Dealing with Food Systems Collapse

Just Food Now: Public Opportunities and Responsibilities

Just Food Now: Taking Personal Responsibility

Local Food: Lets Get Serious Now

The Future of Sustainable Food and Farming

Sustainable Agriculture and the Public University

Sustainable Agriculture Jobs after College

Agroecology – Science for a Sustainable Agriculture

Sustainable Agriculture 2011: A Year in Review

Want to help design a local food hub?

Occupy the Food System: Education and Policy

Occupy the Food System: A Sermon

Its the U.N. International Year of the Cooperative in Western Massachusetts

Agriculture is a business… AND a way to connect with the divine

Industrial Agriculture is a “Fix that Failed”

The U.S. needs 50 million new farmers – including home gardeners and homesteaders

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