Summer Pre-College for High School Students in Sustainable Farming and Food Systems

UMass Pre-college Summer Program

Sustainable Farming and Food Systems

July 9 – 15, 2017

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Are you interested in learning more about where your food comes from? Or how does your food get to your plate? And where does the waste go afterwards?

2015-07-28 10.29.58Join one of the leading university Sustainable Food and Farming programs in the nation for an immersion in sustainability and food systems. In this one-week course, students will gain hands-on experience in the local food system as well as comprehensive understanding of the U.S. Food System. This program will focus on three areas in our food system:

  1. sustainability and systems thinking,
  2. social justice, and
  3. agricultural leadership.

This week will include at least 2 field trips and hands-on experience at local farms.

2015-07-30 10.32.01
Students from 2015 working in the field

With a focus on sustainability, students will explore and analyze inequities present in our food system using systems thinking tools like concept mapping and iceberg models. Students will simultaneously participate in a UMass project growing organic food for local food relief organizations, such as Not Bread Alone soup kitchen and Amherst Survival Center, exploring both the food production and community engagement subsystems necessary to have a successful partnership addressing equity in our food system.

2015-07-30 10.18.18Finally, students will have an opportunity to explore their personal relationships to food, and lead each other in activities to deepen understanding how to change personal actions to impact our food system. This practice is important for students interested in leading, managing, teaching, and articulating various perspectives in sustainability.

Program Fees

Contact the instructor, Sarah Berquist at …  for more information.

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2015-07-30 12.07.34
Summer College Class 2015

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