Stockbridge graduate Willie Crosby launches a business expansion!

Willie Crosby is a recent graduate of the Stockbridge School of Agriculture.  He also teaches a course in Mushroom Culture for Stockbridge and has supported many student projects and workshops.   Willie and Dylan Kessler are trying to expand their successful start-up business, Fungi Ally.

Here is Willie at a local farmers market….

And here is their story….
Fungi Ally is a mushroom cultivation and education business in Hadley MA co-owned by Willie Crosby and Dylan Kessler. We have been growing mushrooms and teaching people how to grow their own for the last 3 years.
 Now we are trying to build a new mushroom laboratory to provide spawn (the seed used to plant mushrooms) to our community. We are running a kickstarter campaign to raise funds for some of the expensive pieces of equipment needed in a mushroom lab. For your support we are offering great rewards like a shiitake mushroom grow kit, or a 2 hour workshop with the owners.



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