New Classes in Stockbridge


We have added several new classes over the past year or two.  Check out these Fall Semester classes that may be of interest to Sustainable Food and Farming majors:

STOCKSCH 197 CP – Crop Planning for Diversified Vegetable Farms (1) – This course will give the students a clear understanding of how to set up and operate successful systems for crop planning for a diversified vegetable farm.  All aspects from system design, data entry, mapping, scheduling, to record keeping will be addressed.  Students will walk away with a very usable system for crop planning on a diversified vegetable farm plan.  Instructor is Dan Kaplan, manager of Brookfield Farm.

STOCKSCH 198 P – Permaculture Gardening at UMass (1) – In this hands-on class students will learn about permaculture basics while maintaining our on-campus permaculture demonstration gardens.  By application only (contact Xochi Salazar).

STOCKSCH 297AL – Agricultural Leadership and Community Education I (3) – Learn to work with community groups in a leadership role.  Great class for anyone who wants to work with non-profits, neighborhood groups, Peace Corp, Food Corp, etc.  Instructor is Sarah Berquist.

STOCKSCH 197 B – Shamanic Herbalism (1) – a form of plant-based healing built upon a symbiotic relationship between humans and medicinal herbs that supports the health and wholeness of the physical body, the spiritual self, and the Earth. Instructor is Kristen Avonti.

STOCKSCH 197MC – Intro to Mushroom Culture (1) – Learn the basics of mushroom cultivation including laboratory skills to grow mycelium, cultivation methods and medicinal value. Instructor is Willie Crosby.

STOCKSCH 197 T – Tools for Life (1) – This course is designed to introduce students to the basic types of skills and tools necessary to work with wood and other natural fibers. This class will focus on three fundamental tools: the knife, the saw, and the needle. Material and tools will be introduced progressively and by means of projects and other experiential learning exercises to give students an understanding of the origin and fundamental application of these crafts. On completion, students will be uniquely prepared to further their explorations with wood and fiber, and to use their skill with the knife, saw, and needle to solve modern problems with local resources.” Instructor is Aaron Jermain.

STOCKSCH 397 GB – Grapevine Biology (3) – This course will cover viticultural practices, culture and grapevine biology related to fall production.  Emphasis will be on the challenges and opportunities of the local cold climate and sustainable practices.  Instructor is Elsa Petit.

STOCKSCH 356 – Food Justice and Policy (3) – offered in alternate years.  This course examines the role of policy in determining WHAT we eat, WHO experiences barriers to access to safe, healthy, local, fairly produced foods, and HOW we create equity and sustainability in our local food system.  Instructor is Catherine Sands.


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