Changing our diet from oil to the sun

As we move into an era of oil depletion and energy constraint, everything from transportation to medicine to food to climate change response strategies will be affected. Almost everything we do is dependent on oil.  Here are some suggestions from the Oil Depletion Protocol for…

Changing the food you eat

The petroleum used in supplying food accounts for about one third of average per-capita oil consumption. Therefore the food choices you make can substantially change the amount of petroleum you use:

  • purchase local and organic food whenever possible
  • shop at farmers’ markets
  • join a community garden
  • grow a vegetable garden and plant fruit and nut trees
  • try to purchase food that has been grown within 100 miles of where you live – known as the 100-Mile Diet, the emphasis is on eating locally produced, indigenous food that requires less transportation, supports local farmers, and promotes more sustainable agriculture
  • if you have a garden or are planning on starting one, abide by organic garden and lawn care practices and use organic fertilizers and natural pesticides – neither of which are derived from oil by-products

What are you willing to do?

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