If fast food “went organic” – would you eat it?

A recent blog post asked this question and I paused…..  Wait a minute, why don’t I eat fast food?  Well, the fact that it is full of fat and carbohydrates for the most part puts me off.  And then I can’t stop seeing that scene from “Supersize Me” when Morgan Spurlock is getting sick in his car after eating a burger…….  but is that all?

Fast food chains keep prices down by exploiting workers, farmers, and ranchers… but that’s the American way, isn’t it?  So what’s wrong with fast food?  We might argue that if McDonalds bought organically raised beef, it would help organic producers.  Right?

Well, maybe……  but when it gets right down to it, fast food is all wrapped up in fast lifestyles.  Not the fast lifestyles of the “rich and famous” but rather the ever so busy lifestyle of families that are running faster and faster trying to stay even.   At what cost?  Personal health?  Environmental decay?

I grow a lot of my own vegetables and raise my own chickens and eggs at least partly to be reminded to slow down.  When I’m hanging clothes on the line to dry in the sun, I’m reminded to breathe and appreciate the outdoors.  That fast paced life of rushing off to work and running to keep pace with the rest of the world isn’t very attractive, even in an organic wrapper.

So, I guess the answer for me is no.  I’m not buying organic burgers if I can get them at a drive through window.  How about you?

One thought on “If fast food “went organic” – would you eat it?”

  1. I don’t think that on principle I would support the idea of organic drive-thru, as organic does not ensure that the food (here, burgers) was treated well. That said, as the mother of a burger addict, I would like to be able to get this kind of food for him – as a choice.
    Maybe a “walk-up window”?

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