Transition Towns in Amherst

Don’t miss the showing of In Transition on Sunday, January 16, 4 p.m. at the First Congregational Church; 165 Main St., Amherst MA.  Discussion • Refreshments • Suggested donation: $5

Join us for the first detailed film about the Transition move­ment, filmed by those who are  making it hap­pen. The Transition move­ment is about  commun­ities around the world re­sponding to peak oil sup­ply, climate change, and economic instability with creativity,  imagination and  humor.  It shows com­munities rebuilding their local economies, food supply, transportation, ener­gy-generation, and health care. The film is positive, solutions-focused  and fun.

For more information or snow-date, call Betsy Krogh, 413-549-2846

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