Lets bring more fresh local food to the city!

Farmers Markets are one of the fastest growing sectors of the food economy in the U.S.

Notice on the map the concentration of farmers markets in some areas of the countries.  A few of  the markets in New England are reporting that farmers seem to be competing with each other for the same customers.  The USDA reports that less than one-percent of the population buys food direct from farmers on a regular basis.  So how will new farmers find customers in these regions?  One way is to bring the food to the people!

While many CSA’s have a delivery stop “in town” here is one that specializes in it!   Farmers to You offers products from over 25 suppliers in central Vermont and delivers to people in the Boston metro area.

This business represents a evolution of Community Supported Agriculture, where individual families make a commitment to buy at least $30 worth of produce each week.  FarmersToYou deliver to one of 9 suburban pickup sites or even direct to your doorstep or office in urban Boston.

Most people appreciate excellent quality, fresh produce, meat, milk and eggs but are generally unwilling to give up the convenience of a large supermarket.  Farmers To You makes getting fresh New England grown food possible in areas where there are no farms – and makes it convenient too!

Farmers To You will deliver to your doorstep or office by bicycle in urban Boston.

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