UMass Permaculture Opportunities

Dear Campus Community,

Thanks to your continued support, the UMass Permaculture Initiative has
had remarkable success in the creation of campus edible and sustainable
landscapes.  Your support has also furthered the development of
experiential and academic programing, and strengthened our local community
to be more resilient. Thank you for your support, UMass!

If you are interested in getting involved in UMass campus sustainability,
we encourage you to apply for the UMass Permaculture Committee. The UMass
Permaculture Committee is a collaboration between staff and students and
is looking for passionate underclassmen with marketing interest or
experience who can commit to two academic semesters: Spring 2013 and Fall
2013. The Spring ‘13 meeting times are Tue/Thur 11:15-12:30 & Wed. 4:30-
6:00pm. Each student will receive 3 independent study credits per
semester, 6 credits total. Application deadline is January 28th. Download
the application here: & send to

For more information and to meet the committee, please visit:

Looking to learn more about where your food really comes from and get
credit for it? The Real Food Challenge Internship gives you a chance to
analyze dining hall sourcing, assisting in making our campus food system
nourishing and transparent. At the same time, you will be part of a
national food movement and help educate fellow students. Join the UMass
Student Food Advocates for the Real Food Challenge Internship. Offering 1-
3 credits. For more information contact: or
check out the class syllabus here:

Check out the National Real Food Challenge!
“Keep Calm & Compost On!” Come celebrate campus composting on January 30th
at Earthfoods in the Student Union! Attendees can take part in DIY
workshops, win free t-shirts, take part in raffles, and live funk music
all while eating great food provided by UMass Dining! Workshops include
making your own reusable bags as well as vermicomposting! Visit our
Facebook page at UMass Amherst Permaculture to learn more.

We appreciate your support and wish you luck in the spring semester.
Hope to see you around the gardens soon! Go UMass!

The UMass Permaculture Initiative

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