Why dosen’t everyone have enough food?

The world produces enough food for everyone. But not everyone has enough food.

The IF campaign is a unique chance to show that you won’t accept injustices in the global food system any more. IF we turn up the pressure on world leaders to act, we can change lives around the world.Make 2013 the year everyone starts to have enough food.

But to win we need mass support.

The campaign will be bigger…

The big IFs

There are some big issues driving hunger around the world. With your support in 2013 we can tackle them and make sure there’s enough food for everyone.

We’re in the Enough Food for Everyone…IF campaign so that small-scale farmers can grow their way out of poverty. Here’s why it matters:

  • Land and water: IF we make sure poor farmers have secure access to resources like land and water. More.
  • Aid and investment: IF we give enough of the right kind of support to help people feed themselves. More.
  • Transparency and tax: IF we make sure governments and big corporations are honest and open about their actions. More.

Hit the big IF below and add your voice!

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