Lots of interest in Sustainable Food and Farming B.S. Degree

The Sustainable Food and Farming Bachelor of Sciences degree is the fastest growing major at UMass Amherst.   Evidence of this was apparent at the recent Open House held at the Mullins Center!

No, these are not all SFF majors! 🙂


While most of the SFF majors have come to Stockbridge in the past via transfer from other majors at UMass or from other colleges, the interest among high school students was exciting at the Open House.  Lots of questions from students and parents!

Our "Yes Farms Yes Food" bumper sticker was a big hit at Open House!
Our “Yes Farms Yes Food” bumper sticker was a bit hit at Open House!


There has been a steady increase (green line) in Sustainable Food and Farming majors in the Stockbridge School of Agriculture over the past 10 years.


Sustainable Food and Farming is the largest program in Stockbridge (including both A.S. and B.S. students) representing about 40 % of our 300+ students.

dataPerhaps most important however, the Stockbridge School of Agriculture was ranked 4th highest (out of 55 departments) in the university for quality of experience in the Senior Survey for 2013.  Stockbridge was also highest program overall for quality of advising and preparation for career .

Recent graduate Lilly Israel gave a tour of the Franklin Permaculture Garden to a few high school students and their parents at the Open House.   Lilly is now working for Auxiliary Services, coordinating the UMass Permaculture Gardens


For information on where some of our graduates are now working, check out the Recent Graduate link above.   And for more information on the major, see: B.S. degree in Sustainable Food and Farming.

2 thoughts on “Lots of interest in Sustainable Food and Farming B.S. Degree”

  1. That’s fantastic, more interest in our farmers and where our food comes from means more awareness of our food systems. Healthier food = healthier people = a healthier planet! I am glad to be a part of this re-awakening and learning from so many people who are committed to making change happen.

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