Sustainable Food and Farming Students Inducted into Gamma Sigma Delta


Gamma Sigma Delta is the National Agriculture Honor Society, recognizing excellence in undergraduate students, graduate students and faculty.  The Stockbridge School of Agriculture recognized the following Sustainable Food and Farming students by welcoming them into the honor society this spring!

  • Jacob Aliengena
  • Eric Cullen
  • Kaleigh Gitzen
  • Emma Hayes
  • Brent Holiday
  • Kristen Mamulski
  • Maya Noviski
  • Will O’Meara
  • Bailey Stokes

gammasigProfessor and President of the UMass Chapter, Dr. Geunhwa Jung, welcomed the recipients and Dr. Allen Barker explained the significance of the Greek letters.

Gamma is the first letter of the work “Gaia” (representing Mother Earth), Sigma stands for “Syndesmos (or “connectivity”), and Delta is the first letter of the word “Demeter” (the goddess of the harvest.  According to the national office of Gamma Sigma Delta, the term means “the binding together of earth, the mother of all, and the practice of agriculture and the arts relating thereto for the welfare of human kind.”

Congratulations to our newest undergraduate student members of the National Honor Society from the Sustainable Food and Farming degree program!

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