Food Justice and Policy

STOCKSCH 356 – Food Justice and Policy

Summer Online  – May 21 – June 29, 2018


Full sllabus will be here soon….

Course Description: This course examines the role of policy in determining WHAT we eat, WHO experiences barriers to access to safe, healthy, local, fairly produced foods, and HOW we create equity and sustainability in our local food system. We will start by looking at the basic components of our food system: production, distribution, and consumption. We will then examine systemic structures of race, class, citizenship and ability as they relate to access to healthy local food. The course-work concludes with an in-depth look at food sovereignty, the right of communities to choose how their food is produced and what they consume, the impact of agribusiness and the concentration of resources into the hands of a few corporations, and the dramatic effect U.S. food policies have on the rest of the world.

Learning Objectives:

  • To acquire knowledge of today’s food system: how food is produced, distributed, and consumed.
  • To develop a critical analysis of how racism, privilege, and classism impact the U.S. food system
  • To understand key issues around equitable access to healthy, culturally appropriate food.
  • To learn about and critically evaluate grassroots, regional and federal policy and planning efforts to improve equity in our food systems.
  • To develop new strategies and action plans for food justice. To explore and hone tools of respectful community engagement and collaboration.


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