Personal health is key to buying “just” food

A recent national survey found that many consumers buy local, sustainably grown food (what I’m calling “just” food) because of their commitment to personal health.  The same survey suggests that efforts to help consumers“connect the dots” between “just food” and human health would result in an increase of sales and consumption of local food.  For a look at the results of the survey from this professional marketing firm, check this link.

Sowing Sustainability in the City

Nice article on one of our UMass student’s projects in Springfield, MA.  Pete is working to bring local food to the city. “I think city people, especially young people, should understand where food comes from and how connected our well-being is to what, how, where, and why we eat,” says Merzbacher, “but I also want to provide the means of food production that can feed thousands of people.” Check it out here.

National Research Council backs sustainable ag

The National Research Council recently published an extensive report on the status of sustainable agriculture claiming the current industrial food system is no longer sustainable without huge subsidies.  What used to be called “alternative” agriculture is now rapidly becoming mainstream.  According to the report, the Four Goals Of Sustainable Agriculture are:

  • Satisfy human food, feed, and fiber needs, and contribute to biofuel needs.
  • Enhance environmental quality and the resource base.
  • Sustain the economic viability of agriculture
  • Enhance the quality of life for farmers, farm workers, and society as a whole.

Read more here.